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never gave up on
his dream..»

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Thomas the TIE fighter

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Names of ducks from DuckTales in different languages

Language	Huey	Dewey	Louie
Arabic	Soso	Tutu	Lulu
Bulgarian	Xk	fllOM	Луи 1
Catalan	Joanet	Jordinet	Jaumet
Chinese	mil	4UL	SJL
Croatian	Hinko	Vinko	Dinko
Czech	Kullk	Dulik	Bublk
Danish	Rip	Rap	Rup
Dutch	Kwik	Kwek	Kwak
English	Huey	Dewey	Louie
Finnish	Tupu	Hupu	Lupu
French	Fifi	Riri	Loulou
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