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desert eagle rubber band gun gif 

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thefloorisnowlava comics rubber eraser 

,/^/ ST'SOuMtyj^STftiK/ftey.f^r/vyS^ 1 . Yyjps5 **VI Y erase r 7 \ . U' e>uim f ( '', o ^/ lLU-i(u II //. ^IsTATfOyvlty J//<!^ SnrrtoNfit.1 ( \y\ /** ) fjN;=<^=fifce t_Aw , zoic{--^.wr,thefloorisnowlava,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,rubber,eraser
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comics deathbulge rubber 

WLL (f /TMov PUT IT /. (^r-HAV VOU esb=i K.V 86 R ? <[u0w O Ift &V)fKL71TH \ THOUGHT \ U. ^ OWMM& STILL Ufe fflvtT -_, /lGHT ! hi il i il,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,deathbulge,rubber
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gun gif wood rubber band 

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What Happened..Hey, guys watch me shoot Susie Derkins with this rubber band...You shall never infect a boy wi^h cooties again..TWANGWhat I imaginedHeres the Situation... The Target has a super virus that kills all men that she comes into contact witHey Boss... The Targets in sight... I'm going for
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