cos she can't take her foot out of the shoe??
clichegirl clichegirl 08.02.201706:38 response link
lol lol poor fish doesn't know what's going on
clichegirl clichegirl 08.02.201706:37 response link
that's just a plate of cheese!!
clichegirl clichegirl 08.02.201706:36 response link
ugh, i hate seeing toe cleavage
clichegirl clichegirl 08.02.201706:35 response link
clichegirl clichegirl 08.02.201706:34 response link
sigh I could have this and still have nothing to wear
clichegirl clichegirl 08.02.201706:33 response link
this kid is braver than me
clichegirl clichegirl08.02.201706:32responselink
they're so shiny lol
clichegirl clichegirl08.02.201706:32responselink
bloody hell, she looks like she's fourteen....kinda eww guys
clichegirl clichegirl08.02.201706:31responselink
well he got the top off
clichegirl clichegirl 08.02.201706:30 response link