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Beatrice the Biologist

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Beatrice the Biologist comics sex commercial pun 

(qei s\(\r\e ohad C&mp&igh pronb. And remember, sey sells^RtglryV... sey cells. A,Beatrice the Biologist,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,sex,fucking,commercial,pun
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Beatrice the Biologist comics nature animals human 

hi rigs -hna'f row bachOC+opuS legsSea s+ar armslizard -hails'rm head and butts 0gurgle (E3huwan -he hai'Sn4 na+ureamazinq?!Bea+rice "Hne Biologist,Beatrice the Biologist,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,nature,animals,human
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Beatrice the Biologist comics brain self-esteem 

CQLOW SELE-ESTEEH IS WEIRD.,Beatrice the Biologist,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,brain,self-esteem
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comics dogs human anatomy Beatrice the Biologist 

Human anatomy according to dogs

Human /^na+Dinry* *aCCordinj i"D dogSniff spof -ho waKe upplace iMhev^e food I want goesyum smell so goodgazing c.i rcl esiasfes good insidegurglenoises sonnefimejpeffingpaddlesie downwafchouv 4Ws onenevf4ofhismoves somnePimesoneBeatrice +h* Bioloais4,comics,funny comics & strips,
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brain logic Beatrice the Biologist comics 

BEATME THE BOLOG$T,brain,logic,Beatrice the Biologist,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons
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Beatrice the Biologist comics plant 

UJe , hello there,Irl Sprout/1 iAjan-1 you torowandbelJu le+me if youneed a nv/tvwmjK">vVu.?'------So I tan ecd youBeatrice the Biologist,Beatrice the Biologist,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,plant
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comics Beatrice the Biologist soap emulsification geek 

How soap works
SO AP I I need you'^OUo.^, \jje -v 'im ! T us '.\ %,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,Beatrice the Biologist,soap,emulsification,geek
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comics Beatrice the Biologist ger theory drugs bacteria 

IS4o-\sV.Gfenflemen, if seems as 4Viou^b tv-ea-tares, so sma.ll Bhey are invisible are -Hie frue cause of disease!Qerm Theory musf have been a -feujh sell bacb in -bhe davy.Beatrc.. +bo BioioaisB,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,Beatrice the Biologist,ger theory,drugs,bacteria
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comics Beatrice the Biologist geek electron 

Electrons don't really follow the laws of physics that we experience in our everyday existence. They break all the "rules" as we know them. They can be in two states at once, they can move through energy barriers (which would be like us moving through a hill rather than walking over it), and they change their behavior when we try to measure them. They just don't make any sense! Gah!
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comics Beatrice the Biologist bacteria nightmare 

2-C4 a.Omso bi^ Vnad \n^ CarSV bej'n b iatlnotnd bv>od Vives Itfe on a Scale we lAnli nes/en beJVs -Hae.. bVe ni^mare again-ttiat VOeVe all trapped and enslaved by a jnega beast^vfOne that uses us ftT do iVs bidding bub can besiege as \wibV deadly weapons whenever it wishes, muv'derin^ as t all in
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