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comics cry father lego terminator movies more in comments 

There are only two moments in a father's life when it is acceptable to cry in front of his son^The first is the day his son is born.The Oatmeal http //theoatmeal com,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,cry,father,lego,terminator,movies,more in comments
16:30:43; 22 Jul 2014link1

anime art girl dolls nsfw 

/ ' V Al 1' ' 7/ VIV4ff ,1 // V1\,anime,art,beautiful pictures,girl,dolls,nsfw
15:39:02; 22 Jul 2014link0

gif interview photobomb 

link to the gif
14:30:13; 22 Jul 2014link1

happy family life children comics zen pencils 

happy,family,life,children,kids,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,zen pencils
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Kill la kill anime anime gif 

Kill la kill,anime,anime gif
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anime art girl dark 

anime,art,beautiful pictures,girl,dark
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comics Pokemon fandoms 

Hol0** , oVi i\ ^vcaVc\>r +\ Crop .'.II0/** '.^4>/ **'X V- * ted f*vj hand*| r^Vyh here ^CS5a'ft VjcpmVauAVuJC'NiC4>cevNWxyo^Vn\v,** w* a" r. .^& v wxcrvx J>_ S C*vc V m O 0( C"r4"^harukaheart: bv maimai97,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,Pokemon,fandoms
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comics mom gay cooking nsfw 

Ma? I have something to tell you.........l-fmgay.Please say somethingYou're yay doesn't that mean you putother men's penises in your mouth?Don't ijoii EVER complain about mi) cooking again!,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,mom,gay,cooking,nsfw
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art Spider Man Marvel fandoms old 

art,beautiful pictures,Spider Man,Marvel,fandoms,old
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geek Star Wars fandoms 

geek,Star Wars,fandoms
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