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Digital art is a well-know creative activity on the Internet. Beautiful digital pictures are created by using the modern processing technology. To the genres of the digital art belong digital photography and poetry, fractal art, pixel art, photo manipulation and so on.

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monsters art 

zestydocst bings.tumblr.com1 he bipolar monster is a hulking behemoth that has stalked the land lor centuries. It is characterised by its two heads, one that c\ presses an eternal state o( mania and the other that is lorcvcr in a i Icprcssivc state. Onl y one head is active at any time while the he post t raumatic stress monsters were once part ol a race o( benevolent guardians who became corrupted by a painful and unknown malady, I.eft a twisted shell ol their former selves, the monsters began to crave the intense rush of fear and trauma to dull their own pain

zestydoesthings.tumblr.comThe obsessive compulsive monster is a cruel and manipulative puppeteer that uses fear to control its victims. It repeatedly pounds its staiT on the ground and uses its patterned leathers and many eyes to hypnotise its victim, creating intense and frightening obsessions\hnI he selective mutism monster isnt an inherently evil creature and is seen more as a mischievous scavenger. 1 he monsters live in a loud and noisy community ol fellow creatures, hut arc horn without the natural ability to speak. To (it into their society, they steal

zcstydoest kings.tumblr.com1 he avoidant personality monster is simi lar to social anxiety hut much sma Her in si/.c and prefers to live ahovc ground. I hey spend most o( their time hiding in trees, using their leal like wings to camouflage and hide Irom anyone or anything that is around them.1 hey

zestydoesthings.tumblr.com3 Cih rCrl/A^1 he borderline personality monster is one oi the most delicate but perhaps the most sin istcr oi monsters. 1 hey gather in small swarms around their victims and use phcromones to heighten the emotions oi their victim before feeding upon the emotional

zcstydocstkings.tumblrcom1 l\c depression monster floats around endlessly, always covering l\is eyes to hide itscll irom the outside world. Because ol this it always bumps into people or other monsters causing more distress to itscll each time.Its only relief is to wrap its fluid tail around a

zcstydocstkings.tumblrcom1 he dissociative identity monster (also known as multiple personality disorder) can he characterized by its ability to alter its lorm into whatever it likes. As well as changing it sell physically, the creature also takes on dil lerent personas ol itscll each with their

zcstydocstkings.t umblr.com1 he paranoia monster uses its tall ears like a radar, scanning the area (or any activity. In (act. the monsters cars arc almost useless due to the tight curled up cartilage and thick (ur. so the sounds often get confused and muffled meaning paranoia almost often hears

zestydoesthingstumblr.com1 he schizophrenia monster is a vile creature that manipulates its victims into doing its bidding It uses hallucinogenic gases secreted iortn the pores on his underbelly to control and influence others to do what it wants. Its victims relate to the monster as a po\% crlul

zcstydocstkings.tumblrcom1 he anxiety monster is small enough to sit on its victims shoulder and whisper things in to their unconscious, eliciting Icariul thoughts and irrational worries. 1 he anxiety monster is often seen as weak in comparison to others, hut it is one ol the most common and is

zcstydocstkings.tumblrcom1 l\c Social Anxiety monster spends most ol its lile underground or in secluded sheltered areas. Because ol this their skin appears pale and anaemic apart irom hard plates that serve as an unnecessary means ol defence. 1 hey are from the same biological family as the anxi

zeslydocslKings.lumblr.com1 he bipolar monster is in lad two opposing consciousnesses lighting lor control over one body. One consciousness expresses a constant state o( mania, feeling very excitable and over active, while the other is (orcvcr in a low and depressive state Onl y one consciousness

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Pokemon fandoms art 

The Great Wave of Kanto

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farmer cow art gif 

Kansas farmer Derek Klingenberg creates a huge smiley face using his hungry cattle and a feed truck, and films the entire process with a drone.
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art Cyber 

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art dragon radiation fallout games Gecko 

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art human mantis nsfw 

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art Batman DC Comics fandoms wonder woman 

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art hermione granger KR0NPR1NZ 

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art creepy 

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