Sochi 2014

Sochi 2014

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I wanna post something funny!

hockey finland countries Sochi 2014 putin face reaction 

So Finland beat Russia. Putin's and Medvedev's faces.
hockey,finland,countries,Sochi 2014,putin,face,reaction
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Sochi 2014 buni dog 

Sochi 2014,buni comics,dog
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oreo Sochi 2014 ceremony funny 

2014 WE THINK IT OPENED PERFECTLY,oreo,Sochi 2014,ceremony,funny
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olympics sliding Sochi 2014 

Except for shooting I guess.
olympics,sliding,Sochi 2014
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Russia countries badass olympics torch Sochi 2014 

Reasons number 9001-9025 why the Russians are totally badass: Passing the lit Olympic torch underwater. They also carried to the North Pole, in outer space, and by a 101-year-old man in the harsh cold.

I wish I were Russian. More photos in the comments.
Russia,countries,badass,olympics,torch,Sochi 2014
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