anakin skywalker

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I wanna post something funny!

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SCOTLANDS TALLEST MOUNTAIN TO BE RENAMED KENOBI" IN HONOUR OF EWAN MCGREGORiIts over, AnakinI am die high ground,geek,meme,Star Wars,Star Wars,fandoms,obi wan kenobi,anakin skywalker,high ground,win
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Burn baby

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What arc the similarities between kids and tattoos?/*tr'-iUhpermanent?H,art,beautiful pictures,geek,meme,Star Wars,obi wan kenobi,anakin skywalker,padme,light saber,Star Wars,fandoms
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" No one can kill a ledi."{Kills all of them except two.,funny pictures,fucking-starwars,auto,Star Wars,anakin skywalker,Jedi
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