i am legend

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funny pictures,auto,i am legend,movies,beard,guy,dude, fellow
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photomontage,a lot of photoshop jokes =),poster,i am legend,movies,will smith
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Have you ever noticed how in I am Legend Will Smith lives on his own for years then it only took 24 hours for him to die after a womenshowed up____And thatbitch took his bacon,funny pictures,auto,i am legend,woman,movie
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..ill Claro 3G 07:57 a.m. (S>^71%B3HomeTweet(2fAlan Garner@WolfpackAlanIn "I Am Legend" Will Smith survived alone for years. 24 hours after a woman shows up, he dies. AND that girl stole his bacon..7 hours ago via BufferRepliesGermanChocolate Brittan.@WolfpackAlan
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