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I wanna post something funny!

legend of joyreactor moo_roar week joyreactor.com Joyreactor.cc 

And so, the week-race has ended....with our dear тульпа единорога taking the first place in the Top Week chart on joyreactor.com!

Grats, my fellow Pidor))) I'm so proud of You!!!But let's congratulate our second and third places, who managed to stay at top 3 the whole WEEK (even though there was a whole bunch of us, PIDORS from the parallel universe, barging through) - our favorite alcortje and moo_roar !!!Again, it was an amazing week! Cheers!

TOP USERSWeek Month1 / +519.12 alcortje+431.43 moo roar+276.74 Wanzerr+250.15 iggd+247.76 Emperor Hirohito+160.67 Mooa+120.68 Spiriot+104.89 -+103.810 MrPoppins+84.211 monitor+74.312 Onurahi+68.413 Reyf+52.914 darth vader\m/+49.615 Van-av+45.616 Santorv12+44.317 Kerosin+42.318 DeadTR+41.319

Check out the shot from the FINISH CAMERA!

$*** Ory )2*PMoyc Mopjalcortje CUM,legend of joyreactor,moo_roar,week,joyreactor.com,Joyreactor.cc

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joyreactor.com ДуовселеннаяДжоя Легенды Джоя Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной ivent legend of joyreactor invasion 

Well, well, this is my farewell ...

 No, of course I will come here sometimes, and you come to us too.This week has been full of discoveries, gags and fun, but some things need to close and say thank you to them.

Well, I'm gone, good luck to everyone)))

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Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной joyreactor.com Joyreactor.cc event legend of joyreactor painted myself art 

It was a great pleasure meeting all you, fellow Pidors of joyreactor.com!
Nice to know that there are such cool and funny guys out there, who are also MEN of culture!

Will make sure to drop by!

Anyhow, it’s not a farewell!
Take care!

P.S. here’s a small tribute I did myself for you guys!

P.P.S. moo_roar, you’re awesome! We love You!

P.P.P.S alcortje, you too)
fciJUR-AH In*,Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной,joyreactor.com,Joyreactor.cc,event,legend of joyreactor,painted myself,art,beautiful pictures
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Joyreactor.cc joyreactor.com event Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной legend of joyreactor 

Hello my dudes! The party of fun and boobs is over, I was so glad to meet my friends from .com, but it's time to go back to .cc
We are waiting for your visit! Your Russian friends are faggots
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Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной Joyreactor.cc joyreactor.com event legend of joyreactor sandbox 

Farewell, fellow JoyReactor.com!
It was pleasure to find a kin site. I promise, I will visit you from time to time.
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joyreactor.com Joyreactor.cc Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной event sandbox legend of joyreactor 

Good luck, see you again. we are glad to see you at .cc

joyreactor.com,Joyreactor.cc,Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной,event,sandbox,legend of joyreactor
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joyreactor.com Joyreactor.cc legend of joyreactor event sandbox Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной 

Hi everyone,
Originally I am from joyreactor.cc, and a week ago I even did not know about existing of this version of JoyReactor. I had taken a place in the event to make parallel JoyReacotor more popular, I think it was a great idea to bring here more goods and make something that bring a smile to local inhabitants :)

I was really sad when I heard that the last moderator left this website 6 years ago, and only few people keep it alive. But, Here we came, and you guys won't be so lonely. Now we will be lonely together :)

But this event has come to an end. It was my pleasure to be here, make some posts (even if originally they are not mine) and of course, I have opened for myself a new source of funny pictures, memes and nice boobies :)

Stay safe,


^^.^ - (+8), . ,joyreactor.com,Joyreactor.cc,legend of joyreactor,event,sandbox,Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной
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legend of joyreactor joyreactor.com Joyreactor.cc Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной ivent 

Farewell post after a week of hooliganism (after 23 local time). But we'll be back!!!

link to the gif
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legend of joyreactor ivent joyreactor.com Joyreactor.cc Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной 

So the seventh day of the event has come to an end and the time has come for the farewell post.
It was a great time, but unfortunately all good things come to an end. Coincidentally, at that time I had a vacation and I was able to fully enjoy my stay in a parallel universe. I hope you had a great time too.
Of course, I'll still come here. And this is not the last adventure of joyreactor faggots. But that will be tomorrow.
And today I will read a fairy tale for my waifu and we will go to bed.
.' tw - *-** C-tOWtMt *'H* |oc<A*. W **,*** npHiuAwaw* >^' wrav tvp%*m*M Vj**ine -uHljU|y cMftfncAbUO pMWft* . SHl ^^-***%4**!L^ ^*wwa beerrptu:**"*** *^ametww^ wc otOHoftcnmui ^ w*^4M,,Tt <=**"** ...,legend of joyreactor,ivent,joyreactor.com,Joyreactor.cc,Пидоры Джойреактора В
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joyreactor.com ДуовселеннаяДжоя Легенды Джоя Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной ivent legend of joyreactor invasion 

Day VII: Lasd Day, made it by myself

JoyReactorFun & butthurt everywhere,joyreactor.com,ДуовселеннаяДжоя,Легенды Джоя,Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной,ivent,legend of joyreactor,invasion

This is the last day of our event, today we will bring you everything that we do ourselves, drawings, music and all that.


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