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Anti Pick-IJp LinesBoy: Can I buy you a drink? Girl: Actually I would just rather have the money.Boy: Will you go out with me this Saturday.Girl: Sorry I'm going to be having a headache this weekend.Boy: Don't be shy, ask me out.Girl: Ok. Go out.Boy: I think I could make you happy.Girl: Why? Are
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Hey baby, I put wait, what?the STD instud.wait, that's not rightNEXTTRYso, you're a girl, huh?>ie next targetwe gonna do it now?NEXTTRYThe voices in my head told me to come over and hit on you.Get away from me you freak or i'll call the cops on you!ONE MORE TRYI'll give you a nickel if you hold my
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Excuse me, but would you have sex with a stranger?No. . .Then allow me to introduce myself.Le'ts go baacfc to my place and spread the word.Like you.Y'know baby, if you were a car door.I'd slam you all night long,I like every bone in your bodyThe word of the day is "Legs.**These pants are itchy, let
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