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so, WHFPF APC we goimg mow, HOLMES?LM*JTAZ?/ HOW?/ I'VE pacpimg my bpaim TPYIMG TO FIAT ALL THFCLwes To&BT hcp amp eveGOT 6/ >_____________womlp  amazmg shfplocp HOLMeS MIMP COMIMG POWM OFF HIS IMteLLeCTHAL PCPCH LOMG FMOPGH TO FMLIGHTFM A simplftom likf   V  .IM TUST PICKIMG MP MY PAMGHTFP F
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Meanwhile, onAs yoo can see, there's enough glass on the loor or tioo glasses, iohich can only mean Mrs. T>ampec k.neu) her assailant. Xn aclclition-Oh, ancl it ioas the husband, yoo hipster impostor.,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,tv shows,tv,brentalflossthecomic,sherlock holmes
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Is that chocolate, Watson? Give it to me.JOm nom nom nom...yNo, shit Sherlock.,funny pictures,auto,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,chocolate,sherlock holmes
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YOU JUST CAN'T WIN AN ARGUMENT WITH THESE PEOPLE,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,sheldon cooper,sherlock holmes,house md
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