the mountain

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I wanna post something funny!

Game of Thrones fandoms the mountain icelandair 

Icelandair try to be funny...

The actor who played The Mountain posted this on twitter:
"'-'p Haf^or J Bjornsson OOitFollow@ThorBjomsson_Being to big can sometimes be pain in the ass, especially when you're traveling. #icelandairRETWEETS FAVORITES m m2649BBSSS^flyi5:44 PM-18 Oct 2014leelandair glcelandair Oct 18@ThorBjomsson_ Hi Hafpor! Unfortunately our planes are designed to fly
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Game of Thrones fandoms the mountain jojen age 

Game of Thrones,fandoms,the mountain,jojen,age
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Game of Thrones fandoms the mountain before after 

Game of Thrones,fandoms,the mountain,before,after
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Game of Thrones fandoms the mountain deadlift amazing gif 

Actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson Dead-lifts 994 Pounds.
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the mountain the viper fun Game of Thrones fandoms 

the mountain,the viper,fun,Game of Thrones,fandoms
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