Sesame Street

Sesame Street

Elmo contacts the pentagon
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Kermit is gangster

Commissar doing a JoJo pose to intimidate his men

Bakugou as space marine

A crazy guardsman with a flamer and his mildly concerned friend

A Karen demanding to see the manager of the inquisition

A squad of Space Marines killed by a small rabbit.

A suspiciously large Guardsman who is definitely not a CSM in disguise

A techpriest shooing away blood ravens looking for 'gifts'

A very stable guardsman with flamethrower

A White scars marine in shock at Gas prices

Abaddon trying to get the last pickle out with talon of Horus
Admech Pigeon

An Ork in kunnin Eldar disguise

Big Bird as Lord of Change

Bootleg St Celestine

Cain cheering Amberley

Cain trying to maintain his composure against the enemy Sulla has sent his way

Clown Marine chasing a harlequin

Commisar's daughter being given flowers by Guardsman

Commissar piggybacking on a charging ogryn

Commissar Yarrick radiating killing intent at a larger ork

Genestealer running from arbites
When someone calls my phone instead of just texting like a normal person,funny pictures,Sesame Street,phone
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