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freelance difference 

Freelance VS Full-Time: The Pros And Cons Of Being Freelancer

Freelance03.00 pm0 66666Shower when necessary.vsFull-time07.30 amddddShower is necessary.DESIGNTAXI.COM,freelance,difference

FreelanceVSYou rarely have people to talk to (cats do not count).Full-timeYou can always talk to your colleagues.DESI6NTAXI.COM,freelance,difference

FreelanceVS09.30 amWork anytime you want.Full-time09.30 amFixed working hours.DESI6NTAXI.COM,freelance,difference

FreelanceVSYou are not your own boss. Your clients are.Full-timeYou answer to a boss.DESIGNTAXI.COM,freelance,difference

FreelanceVSNo overtime charge applied.Full-timeOvertime charge applied.DESI6NTAXI.COM,freelance,difference

MondoyWork on project A (draft 1)TuesdayMonthly grocery shoppingWednesdaySend Project A draft 1ThursdaySchedule is flexibleFull-timeSchedule is planned around meetings and deadlines.DESI6NTAXI.COM,freelance,difference

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