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Greetings to overseas fans of old computers.

I decided to experiment and post a post with cc on com. sorry for grammatical errors, translated by Google.
I'll show you my little collection.
Photo of a friendly team 11.2022.
How did this even happen?
Three years ago I took out a 775 motherboard with a core 2 duo from the closet, someone gave it away a long time ago. The idea came to mind to assemble a computer and sell it.
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At that time, I only knew how to reinstall Windows and clean my cheap laptop.
After running around the city and collecting everything I needed, I used logic to understand what to put where.
I borrowed my grandmother's TV (plasma from 2009 from VGA).
Using a hint from YouTube, I learned how to turn on a computer without a start button (there was no case).
And this thing came to life, and a picture appeared on the screen.
At that moment I was already jumping for joy.
I started collecting cheap PCs and selling them on Avito.
It went very badly, the goods in my city were not liquid.
But I really liked the process itself.
Gradually I began to collect and buy old computers, I always loved retro.
That’s how I came to live like this)).
I am gradually learning the components and software. I'm developing in general.
The goal is 35 system units to cover the most popular generations of ibm-pc compatible machines from 1982 to 2010.
And how it goes. I don't plan to stop.
In the process of development, computers were assembled and reassembled, here is a recent photo.
And of course, like any assembler, a warehouse of components appeared.
From the software box
Small collection of video cards
Few drives
Radiators and coolers
AT and ATX power supplies
Plugs of all shapes and factors
Just a little bit of ide cables)
40 pins 106 pieces. 34 pins 43 pieces.
RAM from different years
And also a bunch of LPTs, Coms, Molexes, buttons for the front panel, speakers and screws. only there are no motherboards. As soon as I get my hands on the board, the computer is assembled on the same day.
The spare parts warehouse contributes to this.
Not that this was a necessary supply of components for assemblies. But once you start, it becomes difficult to stop.
thank you for your attention.
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