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Cosplay Nekopara (Chocola)

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Cosplay (Overwatch) (fanservice)

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Cosplay NieR: Automata (2B) (fanservice)

This photo got a very good response on Instagram, I hope you will like it too ~
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Cosplay Nekopara (Chocola)

" - Master, Chocola will be good tonight ~ "

At first glance, Chocola is such a cute cat girl, but when you plunge into the fandom, you realize that everything is not so simple ^^"
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Cosplay NieR: Automata (2B) (original)

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Cosplay Nekopara (Chocola)

During my absence, a lot of work has accumulated! I will gradually spread the new one ~
I would be glad to your response!

But for now, keep some more pieces of my first job (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡
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Cosplay Nekopara (Chocola)

My lovely girl („• ֊ •„)
Chocola been my favorite in Nekopara from the start. Therefore, her image became my debut in the cosplay industry.
I hope you will like it ♡
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