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And so, the week-race has ended....with our dear тульпа единорога taking the first place in the Top Week chart on joyreactor.com!
Grats, my fellow Pidor))) I'm so proud of You!!!But let's congratulate our second and third places, who managed to stay at top 3 the whole WEEK (even though there was a whole bunch of us, PIDORS from the parallel universe, barging through) - our favorite alcortje and moo_roar !!!Again, it was an amazing week! Cheers!
Week Month
1 г/льпа единорога	+519.1
2 alcortje	+431.4
3 moo roar	+276.7
4 Wanzerr	+250.1
5 iggd	+247.7
6 Emperor Hirohito	+160.6
7 Хеомоус Mooa	+120.6
8 Spiriot	+104.8
9 ПеКа-дворянин	+103.8
10 MrPoppins	+84.2
11 monitor	+74.3
12 Onurahi	+68.4
13 Reyf	+52.9
14 darth
Check out the shot from the FINISH CAMERA!
It was a great pleasure meeting all you, fellow Pidors of joyreactor.com!
Nice to know that there are such cool and funny guys out there, who are also MEN of culture!

Will make sure to drop by!

Anyhow, it’s not a farewell!
Take care!

P.S. here’s a small tribute I did myself for you guys!

P.P.S. moo_roar, you’re awesome! We love You!

P.P.P.S alcortje, you too)

Dark Elf Cassie