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Can anyone remove my account? Only on https://joyreactor.com/, not .cc

I was able to find my accont here through serch by picture and I dont like that. Praised be our glorious Leader!

Glimpse into the Belarus

It is quite possible that you will be interested in the view of situation through the eyes of a common citizen of Belarus
I remind you that Belarus is NOT directly involved in the conflict (at least not yet). We are simply providing a foothold for Russian troops. The initiator of this is the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who forcibly seized power. The result of this was six months of protests, during which dozens died, tens of thousands went to prison, a hundred thousand people left the country. The repression continues to this day.
Direct impact on life - exchange rates. Before the beginning of the conflict, dollar costed 2.5 rubles, now it is 3. Following the dollar, prices for everything imported are rising. The credit cards are working, for now. It is impossible to exchange rubles to foreign currency, it is simply nowhere to be found. 
That's kinda it. Economically we feel better than Russia.
If to speak about the mood - no one wants to fight at all. AT ALL. Supporters of the Lukashenko regime are not very keen on this idea.
If you ask me, the conflict is supposed by 5-10 percent of the population at best. Sadly, sociology in Belarus is dead, so we can't say anything certain. 
The military is also not enthusiastic about the prospects. A friend of mine serves in military and says that if he is sent, he is going to desert. The whole company has about the same attitude.
Recently there have been protests, large ones. 700 people were arrested, and this is the level of protests at the end of autumn, when ~50 thousands where on the streets. The police are not very cruel (meaning that the demonstrators are not beaten or tortured), but they do not give any slack

I have a star now so I must go

Didn’t expected to reach it thou. Sadly, everything that I can do by myself is too irrelevant for English-speakers\needs too much time so I won’t be able to do an original post. (except for this picture)Nevertheless, it’s time to say goodbye. It was a pleasure to bring a bit of activity here and I promise that I will come back from time to time.
Farewell pidors