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jeremykaye comics UP and OUT poop freaking out tmi 

0 KNOW MUCH ,jeremykaye,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,UP and OUT,poop,freaking out,tmi
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funny cartoon lizard 

Magic Lizard *wink wink*

did you know?did-you-kno. turn blr.comMale iguanas can detect their female owner's menstrual cycles and try to mate with them. They also show dominance over any male guests in the house by displaying their


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gif worker wall 

link to the gif
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personal art video justkiddingnews Geovanna Antoinette sandbox 

JKnews fan Christian Warner creates fan-art of JKNews member Geo Antoinette and submits it as a JKNews article because...why not

I was watching an old JKNews and Geo made a really cool pose so I made some fan art of it
I would like to do fan art of all the JKNews crew including David So but I haven't found a good freeze-frame still of them...Idk I just thought itd be cool to send it in as an article (I couldnt really find a way to put it in an actual online article though so here you guys go..It'd be cool if you could critique and rate it)
-Christian Warner [Youtube Username: Alex Narumi]
personal,art,beautiful pictures,video,justkiddingnews,Geovanna Antoinette,sandbox
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comics irwinC period 

SHORT ADVENTURES OF LIFEGUARD GIRL,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,irwinC,period
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