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And so, anoder day is gone por Pilipinas be treat like shit poor by Superpower Kountrys...II must find wey in make dem rekognize me and make respekt me as fellow sobereign nation...LATER...Putang ina bakla! Dat is yuo US! And dat goes por yu E.U. shit neokolonial evillord!vGo take all yuor military

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belgium stronk! stupid sprout-muncliing asshoelo; &belgium relevant!youre pretty much a non-countrvtbelgium important!vuo of just ein shortcut into franceJ&belgi-inbred waffle fuckeurfuck off tint in.QJ hey belgium. what of beings wrong?nobody into respectings me. how did you makings of other
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Hey! Viking guys! Get me a cola!Go get it yourself, America. We only follow orders from our leader.Me. King Europe. vou? What makes you so great?JWell, if you must ask; I'm an intellectual who speaks more than 20 languages, my food it excellent, my art is deep. I'm a great lover who is sexy without
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...and make rememberings to be peace, tolerance, et social welfareja, your mother ist rightok, i am need my beauty sleep, i am not wantings my boys stayings up too late!Gute Nacht, dear.,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,countryballs,polandball,EU,parenting
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SPOT THE DIFFERENCEConformit Europenne China ExportC C CManufacturer declares that the product conforms to EU standardsManufacturer declares that the product is made in China,ce,EU,china,countries
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EU maps 458 399 U = 3 892 500 km',EU,maps
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_,Go away, can you notFrance why aresee that I am at lunchyou not working?:ome Italy, there is much Europe work to do\aayyy Germany why you always break-a-my balls eh?Britain....VBack off Germany I will fight your EU reich on the Beaches, we shall never surrenderhmmm we are working away here for
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HahahaOh France!Oh Germany!yOh, ve almost bounzt into sleeper! 0ups, HihihiJLtzzzShhhh...Brit^jn, where you going?I leave the EU!Nooo! Please stay!Please, please stay! Ve give you special woting reightz!Ok, that'$tfair. I'll stay.Looque! Les periferiques make bonfire!Haha! look what theyuse as
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Nigeria is hungry. I need me some moneyOf course! I will do anything to be considered a good person!PlzEU gibe some moneyHave this shitton of money!YaaaaaayHey Nigeria, why are you so rich suddenlyEU gave me money \Can I haz some? /Hey EU can I haz me sum money?Go ask him yourselfWhat, you again?
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