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I wanna post something funny!

ban CeRgEjR google image sandbox RedRaven ban 

Even Google does not want CeRgEjR on this site!

Did a google image search for CeRgEjR found this in the images lol was second image!

Keep up the good work maybe the admins will stop banning my accounts and start banning CeRgEjR!
GO gle CeRgEjR0All Maps Images Videos Shopping More Search toolsDid you mean SeRgERStop upvoting the biggest bully on tliis site...He dislikes anyone lie does not like regardless of their content.He dislikes new people joing the site posting things simalarto what he post, ... i ii. i .. i .XAchi
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ban CeRgEjR stop bully multiple accounts ALL-more sandbox xxx-files granitex ...fandoms 

BAN CeRgEjR and make Joyreactor great again!

CeRgEjR thinks he can down vote me away but I will just post again until he is removed from this site...

Last time I posted I put up a poll with a staggering 13 to 4 saying CeRgEjR should be banned...

Now where are the admins? No one knows maybe they are on his side...

We should not stand for CeRgEjR's bulling we need to start down voting his content like he does to ours and all new comers.

Screen Shot of poll and the link >
It has come to my attention that CeRgEjR has multiple accounts which should not be albwed. The ones I know of are CeRgEjR and All-MoreWhy is this albwed why are we letting one person run new people and many old people off the site.Stop upvoting the biggest bully on this site...He dislikes anyone he
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comics Ctrl+Alt+Del ban league of legends games 

CTRt-+AUT+Pei-,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,Ctrl+Alt+Del,ban,league of legends,lol,games
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funny pictures auto advice god memes incest ban 

funny pictures,auto,advice god,memes,incest,ban
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funny pictures auto government machine ban 

funny pictures,auto,government,machine,ban
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funny pictures auto club penguin ban reason 

Website Home | What's New | Help | Parents | MembershipSmall ScrccnSelect Language:EnglishLog OffBanned:The server has automatically banned you for saying a bad word.You Said: "aw fuck my nigga just got clapped by a snowball"key777Cheeksgirl9B liftman Blue9805
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funny pictures auto X all the Y account ban 

tri-miay aera tor.ik!,funny pictures,auto,X all the Y,account,ban
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funny pictures auto games ban sensei 

DatashOIBanned:The server has automatically banned you for saying a bad word You Said "fuck off you old dusty cunt'Greetings. I am Sensei. I've been expecting you.,funny pictures,auto,games,ban,sensei
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funny pictures auto guy desk bible ban 

SfVfWhWG (jLv/tTvcl'b \C\\~Z')Cvj^^iNi G (c?Ae<;iAws 5-M^ (jOSSi? C^ViTiCvjS IV- Ik4) (XOD.S 4s)cr^T.MG Loi^STc^ (u\\-TvCvjs U:io^ ^TinjG "^ORts (LvmT\Cv>s(OTTO"fcrr **ASSC \ AT (M G v*J<tA (umvTvCo^ \S-v?o ^fVyirsJG TuneFil# ne<U>r _Hv, Menstruation, PobtDC\ 1,funny pictures,auto,guy,dude,
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auto apple ipad fridge honor step ban 

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