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kent uk british border trucks parking covid corona picture funny picture 

Kent, UK

__. / ^.iV-,kent,uk,british,border,trucks,parking,covid,corona,picture,funny picture
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maps USA United States british stereotypes 

The Stereotype Map Of Every U.S. State — According To British People
NOT THAT \NAaW*'*rUt,.i,\N 1 Wee0-6ED_tAADE Up?9' C.HEfc- &* y- coweo^ / *4* % J ^,4 :> ,0 *^:^ <C<\ /^^A/cvVl^OToF^ORECO^W^X> 3 A/S \^ \ ... Go^. V* Mo%4(ns So COV*0 so\ V w^G> HHERE? ^"|51^rs^.*/c*_Inking Sso^^VV K*V 5 m X - * FAKE,R,Sw***-' 1^/ Privilege s*v ^ .**>*14 >*> %*f*XH> s
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sports NFL Teams logos british 

If NFL Teams Were British.
Yankee Tossers MWERLARBEMENer ccn^, ^StripeyWotsitsQormCessfflllY BILLIESPRANCY HORSIES1andy ffih,sports,NFL,Teams,logos,british
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tom hiddleston british 

tom hiddleston,british
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tea british porn gif 

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british english memes 

The Internet should be moreAppears to be legitimateInteresting tale, old chapBeware! There is a scoundrel present.(Please Leave Right Now)Phoney and believe I have something that trounces what you said.BBBBBBB BBBBBLL LLLLLLL LLLLLLL LLLLLL LLLLLL LLLLL LLLLLL LLLLL LLLLLL(...BLOODY
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What the British sayWhat the British meanWhat others understand1 hear what you say1 disagree and do not want to discuss it furtherHe accepts my point of viewWith the greatest respect...1 think you are an idiotHe is listening to meThat's not badThat's goodThat's poorThat is a very brave proposalYou
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