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Disney Cocktails
Chocolate Vodka Pomegranate Juice Chocolate LiqueurCocktailsBlack Vodka Grape Schnapps Apple PuckerWhiskeyAmarettoBlack Cherry SodaS"FaZis TH/aZUk.Pineapple JuiceJfAVj-^p '^lenadine3 ^/^"jSSpEvil to the CorePineapple Juice Grenadine,disney,alcohol,drinking,cocktails
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30 SHOTSThey say small things amuse small minds, but what do they know?1_JAlabama Slammer Buttery NippleV202. sloe gin 1 02. amaretto liqueur 1 02. Southern Comfort peach liqueur dash of lemon juke or sour mix2 07. DcKuyper 8uttershots liqueur wilh 1. ox Irish cream on topKamikaze2 oz. vodka Vi 02.
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SHOTdark,alcohol,cocktails,rainbow,rainbow vomit
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