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CHEER UP, EMO KIDby EmoCHEERUPMOKID.COMSO WERE STALKERS NOW?CHEER UP EMOKID.COMEN20,cheerupemokid,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,stalking,cursing
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extra pabuious conics,food,meal,bananas,bad,cursing,extrafabulous,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons
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Lesson i.Dr. Arthur Fuckingham-WallacesCr'E 0 CUiAPTH CAL OEUC EKITT COMPENDIUM4 thorough analysis of expletive diversity amongst the English LanguageExpletive Intensity by RegionJLZ *=sJAT.ES^1N G 0 M ^AUbI KALIA *IKcLANU mDamnDratCrikeyPhwoarAssTwatDongaArse
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