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Stop oppresswomenif you pardon me I thinK that, even if I firmly support the precepts of equality and also de vindication of our rights, I dont really share the extremist actions and the full of resentment, hateful speeches that some of your groups profess'/Vistop oppresswomenSaLVyy^2VvVJ1/5Zyk
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This Woman@organiccqueenDad keeps on piling plates up and not washing them. I don't know who he thinks is going to wash them, does he not know that I'm a feminist?12/22/16, 7:06 PM4> t* viaThis Woman <5>organiccqueen 43m Update: I'm now washing the dishes. He said I can be a feminist outside his
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T'd like "io \he floor io ^uesfioms.S<xcaV\ Andersevn,sarahseeandersen,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,feminism
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/h /Oh, so do you want to see my smile?For what? to satisfy your ridiculous gender stereotype?To thin that because I'm a woman I must become an object and lower myself to be a tool for your opresive and male entertainment?W/rGod dammit Clara, just admit you're scare to coming to the
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An outraged internet group accomplished to have some content and scenes removed from videogames considered by them as "sexist" ......... ...With this we demonstrate that our collectives inL1the social networks-hIare making theworld a better/ / V \\ place". A spokeswoman( IrK ) said.What
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 Kramer,kids,children,dolls,feminism,toonhole,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,toys
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Well?-what do you thinK of themovie??interesting in the movie billboard?I thinK we shouldn't go to the movies for now It's become... Kind of dangerous...Oh really? And that all over you, It iooks liKe vomit _what is it?-Ectoplasm?,JaGo,comics,funny comics &amp; strips,
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C-SECTIOM COMICShttps://shamelessmanspreaders.tumblr.comSHAMELESSMANSPREADERS"Spready Krueger" here needs to check his privilege. #stopthespread #endthepatriarchy #checkyourprivelege10,356 notes() angryvijayjay liked this 0?^1 armpitheroine liked this C?[q| beautifulfromtheinside reblogged
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Gu^eyt *CWinz XtStbeti^-COPH,itsthetie,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,feminism,fear
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WWW.THINGSINSQUARES.COMpssst ... bonus: http://www.thingsinsquares.com/comics/pacwoman,Things in Squares,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,pacman,games,feminism
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