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I wanna post something funny!

ban CeRgEjR stop bully multiple accounts ALL-more sandbox xxx-files granitex ...fandoms 

BAN CeRgEjR and make Joyreactor great again!

CeRgEjR thinks he can down vote me away but I will just post again until he is removed from this site...

Last time I posted I put up a poll with a staggering 13 to 4 saying CeRgEjR should be banned...

Now where are the admins? No one knows maybe they are on his side...

We should not stand for CeRgEjR's bulling we need to start down voting his content like he does to ours and all new comers.

Screen Shot of poll and the link >
It has come to my attention that CeRgEjR has multiple accounts which should not be albwed. The ones I know of are CeRgEjR and All-MoreWhy is this albwed why are we letting one person run new people and many old people off the site.Stop upvoting the biggest bully on this site...He dislikes anyone he
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art original JasonTN granitex 

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