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Seahorse ParentsIn the world of seahorses the females are equipped with a penis like ovipositor (organ to lay eggs with) which she inserts into the male's egg pouch where the male fertilize the eggs, and as a result the male gets preqnant. It is believed they evolved this way so the young would be

Metellma SegmentataMost male Spiders risk their lives when its mating season, so its no wonder the Metellina Segmentata male won't even attempt mating with the female before she has been securely tied down.He sneaks under her body and carefully wraps her in a web, and only then will he mate with

BonoboChimpanzees and bonobos are the closest relatives to humans, but though they share a lot of traits they have chosen to do things very differently.In chimpanzee society the biggest and strongest male apes rule, while in bonobo society the physically weaker females rule the stronger males by

Birds of ParadiseIn a lot of bird species the males are more colorful than the females, and the birds of paradise illustrates this to the fullest.In the forests where they live there's plenty of food all year around and few predators to worry about, so the male birds have plenty of time to perform

GrousesDuring the mating season grouse males will meet up on display grounds to show off their feathers, sing, and do mating dances with the females.Occasionally they will fight, but more often than not even the fights are nothing more than model competitions where the males will pretend to battle

Spotted HyenaR lot of animals turn our ideas of gender roles upside-down, but the Spotted Hyenas take it to the extreme.Females are larger and far more aggressive than males, and even the lowest female in the hierarchy is over the highest ranking male. This hierarchy is so strong that adult males

I^Lwi BirdThe kiwi is odd in a number of ways: Their feathers are almost like fur. they are nocturnal, they have no wings of any importance, and their nostrils are at the very end of the beak.Dut oddest of all. they lay the biggest eggs relative to body size of any bird. It is so big it almost

The RuffThe ruff Is a special bird in a few ways. It's one of the rare species where the males display more for each other than for females in order to establish a hierarchy, lso. they have three types of males who are different from each other in both looks and behavior.The most common is the

Discus FishThe discus fish take good care of their young, and the male maybe more so than a lot of other males in the animal kingdom.ft male and a female form a monogamous pair and find a place to lay the eggs. The female will then guard the eggs while the male guards her, and when it's time for

An tQueen Ants mate with a small group of males and store their sperm in her body for later use. She uses this sperm to create workers and soldiers for the colony, all female. But should she choose to not fertilize an egg with the sperm, it will become male.In other words, it's impossible for a

Side-Blotched LizardThe side-blotched lizard has three different male types who all use different tactics:The orange throated, blue throated, and yellow throated.The orange throated is pumped with testosterone and his main focus is to have a huge territory and as many females as possible. Though he

Cuttlefish MatingWhen it's mating season the biggest and strongest cuttlefish males find the best rocks for egg-laying. The much smaller females will then come to inspect the rock and see just how big and strong the male really is. If she choose him he will then guard her for a while to make sure

TamarinsTamarin monkeys are known to have all possible combinations of families, from one male and one female, to one male and two females, but to a lot of tamarin species by far the most common family is one female and two males.This is quite logical because tamarin females usually gives birth to

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