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I4* >jClient: Hello, so 1 ordered 1000 cubes for my home made pyramid but you sent me 998 ones and 2 spheres.Boss: What do you mean, we don't even sell spheres. Client: Well, apparendy one of your employees spent the entire work day cutting two of them into spheres so he can roll them.Boss: Oh
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Ringo Starr4 September at 18:45 XlWell, this is bulls**t!ZIMBIOWhich BeatleAre YouPYou have the mind of a rebel, the heart of a lover, and the soul of a prophet You're a passionate individual who dives headfirst into whatever is capturing your interests in the moment You're outspoken. but what you
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Pthis paraplegic guy^Jj His cool jui|gle where he figain and goes hunting a leader and shit.060 in,funny pictures,auto,lost,Avatar,jack shephard,john,locke
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So about 30 minutes ago I left for Burger King, and i pulled out of my neighborhood behind this brown jeep. The license plate read "JOHNSCR" (this is important, remember this) and it had a tire cover with a smiley face. I followed it all the way to BK by coincidence, but as I neared BK I took a
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