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"Testimony of King Koopa: Part 2"By Austin VerbrgDesperate for aid, my father journeyed to the Mushroom Kingdom to form an alliance with the good King Toadstool.Upon hearing my father's tales of what we saw on the opposite border of the Koopa Kingdom......King Toadstool We were mocked and wereMy

So I wage war on the Mushroom Kingdom. For if they will not fight by my#503wvmdairyboycomics.com,austins inferno,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,super mario bros,koopa,bowser,dairyboycomics

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austins inferno comics super mario bros koopa bowser dairyboycomics 

"Testimony of King Koopa:Part 1"SwBy Austin VerburggeeI can remember a time when I never knew fear, when I was truly happy.Months into our journey, we discovered something...We immediately returned home. My father gathered an army to battle our new enemy.The troops didn't
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..find he toojr a warp pipe/!He'll be here any minute!YOU GUYS RRE USERS',_________________ ft==^==.^Mr. Goomba, Mr. Koopa, the doctor will see you now.V___f 1JTahem' I mean the tests are in, and I have a pretty good idea of what each of your parents look like.2P START!,comics,funny comics &
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