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Earth's Stargates (locations)

1 Hailey (Antartica)2 Sarasota (Florida)3 Bermuda islands4 Giza (Egypt)5 Machu Picchu (Peru)6 Moscow (Russia)7 Lake Titicaca (Peru)8 Xian (China)9 Bam Tso (China/Tibet)10 Abadan (Iran)finalgod.wordpress.com,earth,stargates,locations,new age,wtf
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Star Wars infographics movie tv locations 

TRAVEL GUIDE2348Filmed at 23 locations Across 4 continents Creating 8 unique planetsLet's face it; since most of us were kids, we've wanted to visit the Star Wars galaxy.Although we haven t yet achieved hyperspace travel,you can still visit the galaxys most iconi locations here on Earth. This
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