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Bitter jealousy in the 1700sDamn that talented Mozacti kJhy him and not Salieri?^Bitter jealousy nowilJ>iy tiCmSrDMZM SWHONy mo [Salien'42:tessgrsiOF G MINOR. MEH 1/in [WOULD NOT PlAvA^rN.0**truHU,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,brentalflossthecomic,Salieri,mozart,now and then
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Mozart - Requiemmadhammu O Subscribe 9 wdeos4 Like ** Add to ~Share%Uptoad*d by nuidhimrTKj on Mar 6. TOM Requiem Mass in D MinorWolfgjng Amadous Mozjrff finJl MjfUrpitc* wjs commissioned in midShow more14.756.380 -49,279 ttes. 655 Asfcfces 4 artist Neville mnerOh damn, i love it when that nigga
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