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art girl Limdog art other water 

art girl,Limdog,art,beautiful pictures,other,water

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audrey hepburn art daekazu other art girl 

Audrey in Red

audrey hepburn,art,beautiful pictures,daekazu,other,art girl

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erotic other girl sword Bare Maidens Naked chainmail 

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link to the gif

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other Mixed media art Harry Potter Picolo-kun 

Chapter Xt&tUSrtVQXii^e tuTri<fHjtfst vharm. *vm)t touJfmgl) tijFir numbers mgi^gpS^I)tt>If 1^1^)1]^y/rif 1%^13ig'liftatt^uging!e, time, anb trouble.,other,Mixed media,art,beautiful pictures,Harry Potter,Picolo-kun

Antitnt Art of /HagicChapter V3D ecr ip+iorj most basic form of Occlumencp inbolbes ring one's mtnfa - making it "blank anb iJtp" - in orber to prebent a LegiltmenS ifeing one's emotions anb tljougljts. |b Occlumencp inbolbes.jjnlp tlje tljongljts, finories tljat tooulb r it is an OedmnenS [limenS

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Chapter]]?<tost startling of tl)c pljoentx'S its ability to regenerate gitalin bursts into 1^1 brtomrs olb,\VW \\Wv^lirS as a netubornOje pljoenix is l starlet birbj^HIrb Punting Dap JcSr birbs a great ^Kb tije ability tootnix,other,Mixed media,art,beautiful pictures,Harry Potter,Picolo-kun

BOOK OF SPELLSingarbium eliio^aThe^pclls learn(Gesture"This leuitation spell tuio specific bo by movements (a SUiisli anb flick), anb correct]? speaking tlje magic spell UiorbS: IPingarbtum Lebiosa.Clr oias first bebeloprb in W&t atop anb Uiartock ft Diteb (Dn 16>44, bobart J large rrotnb of

EXTREME IMCaNTATiONfc;umci**<t**te concentration anb focus bircctcb pour lBi:b is ecu execute athe first jp to block nms<3sn suillcastinQ mill tgli joour Uianb,other,Mixed media,art,beautiful pictures,Harry Potter,Picolo-kun

^Descriptiontiirb, the root cream of a e it is anp person poung toill?1stream tmilar to (if not a) a banshees is alsoleaues can be ? potions.an^rake,other,Mixed media,art,beautiful pictures,Harry Potter,Picolo-kun

6ipunwqi4>!l *$***"-, 0 auaujBid 116 <?i^nstastic ^Beasts anh Wfrere to Jinb Tfrem.c*Chapter purposes, most Mnans anb Pagans tonsiber moon to inf lube the bap before anb the bap after a i.TIjis is a goob time to bo rituals or Spells.A uiereuiolf cannot chose Uihether or not to transfonn^aiTtnnitl

Chapter ,other,Mixed media,art,beautiful pictures,Harry Potter,Picolo-kun

other,Mixed media,art,beautiful pictures,Harry Potter,Picolo-kun

(uiititch .Manualm ^___________-T.. Chapter VU^Sfofbeu Suitclj, or Snitch for short, is ^ fastest anb malltt bail ou a Oui* bitch numh.TJfs Kitoiou for htuy&aw&s&vb^4 tofee aub almost impiruWft< mfcJuCjjt in that ta wjr the iutch cpiuS 1 points. Catching Air Quitch also cubs the1 match aubffs !

V p e t01 1) to l of m a g i t. it to if pou ' e g g e Ij, as a enp, manp riling tlir a111p is t x p Whs. snrtrrers tiHtrbes, as messengersPets of the 32Ji?arbrp IDorlb,other,Mixed media,art,beautiful pictures,Harry Potter,Picolo-kun

Auror BasicsEo a patronus is usebpemem,other,Mixed media,art,beautiful pictures,Harry Potter,Picolo-kun

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