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I wanna post something funny!

gif bar pub toilet 

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hodor Game of Thrones fandoms chewbacca Star Wars Groot Guardians of The Galaxy bar pub 

The best bar conversation ever :-)

hodor,Game of Thrones,fandoms,chewbacca,Star Wars,Groot,Guardians of The Galaxy,bar,pub
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funny pictures auto mindfuck Stormtrooper pub 

MacLarens Pub,funny pictures,auto,mindfuck,Stormtrooper,pub
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funny pictures evil-nigger auto watch pub beer receipt 

The ultimate watchHow it worksGo to a pub, order a beer and impale the receipt on the spike in the center of the dialWhenever you need to know what time it is, just look at the receipt. If you think the watch is slow, justorder another beer.,funny pictures,evil-nigger,auto,watch,pub,beer,receipt
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