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food receipt thai funny 

*TJaTItami!2:ClwO.21*rCOnU 11TJTD** 45##("smimrnzfm ^ X ^ ^ n n m mYi-. )aTI 3?H1aH- [OOOOOOO-. OO OOOOOOOOOO O * O O,food,meal,receipt,thai,funny
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twitter post sushi food receipt 

ooo Verizon4:09 PM<TweetS! % 49%YNick Stephens@nlckstephenss/Dodged a bullet with the California rollTweet your replyfirQa0,twitter,post,sushi,food,meal,receipt
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thedoghousediaries comics receipt 

$>00 receipt for auto repairs$0.>0 receipt for snickers bar'd) i**A Jtd ,the doghouse diaries,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,receipt
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funny pictures auto shop butt photo receipt 

**************************************** ********** Customer Copy **********1 Veggie Bowl7 <*&Fried Pickles2.9C.1 Drink1.9!1 Best Butt-0.01 Best Looking-0.0SUB TOTAL12.95Sales Tax1-07 .Tit: 14,02,funny pictures,auto,shop,butt,ass, bootie, buttocks,photo,receipt
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funny pictures evil-nigger auto watch pub beer receipt 

The ultimate watchHow it worksGo to a pub, order a beer and impale the receipt on the spike in the center of the dialWhenever you need to know what time it is, just look at the receipt. If you think the watch is slow, justorder another beer.,funny pictures,evil-nigger,auto,watch,pub,beer,receipt
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funny pictures auto fatpita trolling atm receipt 

funny pictures,auto,fatpita,trolling,atm,receipt
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