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FACTS THAT SOUND LIKE BULLSHITA ball of glass Will bounce higher than a ball of,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap

FACTS THAT SOUND LIKE BULLSHITIf your car could drive up, you would reach outer space in an hour.*s//,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap


CTS THAT SOThe founder of, Ga.ry Kremen, lost his girlfriend to a gay she met on,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap

The lighter ivus invented before the nnatchstick.SCOOPWHOOPe,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap

FACTS THAT SOUND LIKE BULLSHITA ustralia once lost Their Prime Minister, Harold Holt, and he iv as never found.SCOOPWHOOPcom,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap

FACTS THAT SOUND LIKE BULLSHITA cloud typically weighs 1.1 million,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap

FACTS THAT SOUND LIKE BULLSHITThere was an Emu war in 132 between Emu birds and the A ustralian army. The Emus,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap

FACTS THAT SOUND LIKE BULLSHITBetty White was actually born before 'sliced bread',scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap

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