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danemen bar comics screwdriver 

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levitation screwdriver gif 

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short man screwdriver gif 

thats it. im just going to kill myself.,short,man,screwdriver,gif,gif animation, animated pictures

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screwdriver wrench lifehack engineering 

Screwdriver handles are shaped so that a wrench can slide over them for more torque.

7i/iAO, ** - tiBai MISv'jsr^a;ta_JL1tWA ->f/.UlV" *1 -.J/V7%X*i/ -*'. -S VU.>: s. ?A^W.&.-ua. 3*3.' .a "* " V,r . - 4i> N ... \1//VK- iM -pvVfe1* ^ B* .fe.t.*lb '4'-KV ....- ] #1/> ,'v ; [TVV X 4I ' 1*si:rr.1bj f1..,screwdriver,wrench,lifehack,engineering
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Anonymous asked you:2011*09-24 22:13block answer Xon night i was masturbating and i took oft a my clothes and was putting a screw &rv*r in my vagina and i fn asleep on accident with it stu inside me and the next morning i woke up with the screw driver on my nightstand a blanket over me and my mom
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