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MiniDayZ playable singleplayer alpha released!
You can send feedback via
or directly email

• There is an secret airfield on the map. When you find it you will see surprise there :)
• This game is much harder than the original DayZ.
• There is no goal now, only stay alive as long as you can. and find airfield of course :)
• This build contains 10000x10000px map.
• No character savings. Only current session, only hardcore!

• When you start playing all loot randomly generated over spawn points.
• Loot is small, peer attentively.
• If you died and play again loot generates again.
• You can pick items only if you dont move.
• If you already have type of item that you want to pick (helmet, backpack, etc) it will replace your current with picked.

• When you start playing all zombies randomly spawns on points.
• Zombie hits you when touch your character(or close enough).
• Currently its two types of zombies: normal and army. Army zombie faster and stronger than normal.

• If your food or water become to zero you will start slowly bleed.
• Health slowly regenerate when you have more than 75% of food and water. Or you can find blood bag and use it (but it rarely spawn).

• You can carry only 1 melee and 1 firearm at the same time.
• Shooting in move have a very high dispersion.
• Current ammo system is temporary primitive. To load your gun(when you find one) you must find suitable ammo and activate it. If your gun have less then maximum ammo it will be loaded to maximum.

Known issues:
• Character animation stucks some time.
• Stucking in some trees
pixel art,dayz,minidayz,game,selfmade,sandbox
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