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\ DoMT GET IT/// HoW CAN I BEREJECTED BY So M\ANy GlRLS |(\/ A RoiN,So LN6 ?/ rITS LIKE THElR CREEP RADARS 60 HAYWIRE WHENEVER THEY CowiE INTOcontact with me, even if ITS ONLY ONLINE/But that doesnt mare SEM...M can Complete strangers Communicate false information lire THAT?/ GIRLS MUST share some
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FAIR WEATHER.I hid ooy Birthday from my omlinf Profile so I wouldn't o>ex am INSINCERE BIRTHDAY WISHES. AND I / MoT A PEEP From ^.NoW E|/ERYoNE WILL pEL' .super bad they didn't . Remember and they'llp\ WAHT To 6E My FRIEND A6AIN BUT i'll 6 ALL ( LIRE, "no, ThahR You,I'D RATHER spend Mv Timewith
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Pants on Fir&(<=' ue HftVEKf we missed you/George AlfcKopouUiZt<oNy tow@ G?r"nrt^5,studions,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,guy,dude, fellow,visit,Small talk
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