thor's thundershack

thor's thundershack

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' Dad, I don't wyant to ^ spend my weekends tak/nq pictures of ghosts.And be careful u/ith that bag, it has my i EN^reader in it. IYou don't even pay any attention to me uyhen vAye're here.J When the photos 5 wyere all developed, J l noticed an anomaly.A human f/qure that wasn't there wyhen I .
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I am the gen/' of the lamp! I can grant you each one wish!# What are your wishes?r To be rich and successful!MASSIVEDICK!*No wishing for infinite wishes, infinite genfes, or changing the previously mentioned rules.I don't validate paring.Oh... I didn't thinfc of wishing for something selfless l
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Tuft one tbinq thoughI'm not really familiar with tlieproperty.I mean like, what movie are we . remafyng? .What do you mean? I only juft burote. it.What? _ NoneRebooting?It'f not a remake or a reboot, I'm not fure how/ tliofe. ^ things are even7 different.( So it's an V adaptation!Why didn't you
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Am I dead?I mean it must have been an inside job. Itdoesn't make sense otherwise-! Jet f ue| can't me(t steel beams. Look at the footage, is that even a plane? But <*/ho the bell u,as responsible, Bush? It simply must have been. That u/as a controlled explosion, buildings don't just fall over. Was
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DAVE!I don't kave time to ' expltx/n, but tFe fate of tke. human race is at stake! >For tAe sake of civilization, you (nave to pee in it! ^They're drug testing at u/ork Jigajn aren't thee v dad? JAlex Driml - 2016thcrsxhjndersbackcorr)DAVE! - Thors Thund&rshack0bI'm you, from \ the future! J
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Listen up Red, tliis is hou/ pros train their .Find a good place to stand and look straight ahead. If you see a trainer waIk directly into your line of sight then challenge them to a battle.Why don't you just walk around in the long grass and fight wild .Or go up to any of the other dozen trainers
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List - Thor's TLurdersback*L :=CommentSiarsTTUrieW5iaie mteahaafeUe^^epCarrricnt^^I MEED TO\/RadfeedTop 11 BEST Fictional Dogs,thor&#039;s thundershack,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,list,top
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To^enty years' later,thor&#039;s thundershack,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,boy,wish,space
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