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Hue magnum daemonem , volumus al^aid istius daemon/s caljdu/n effzrcio . j^Otn great BeeUebub, u7e have'4Summoned you kere to ask tBat you grant us your powers.Ok BeeUebub, I present you vAj/tin my f/rstborn chid. iI kave ten . dollar s. >u//(l give you my pou/ers.Excellent, my pou/ers L are
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There's; something you have to fenow/^ about me. ^I come from an alternate universe.Five years ago I was a scientist with CERW, experimenting with wormholes, tine re u^as an accident and I was sucfeed in ^_and transported here. ^It's tafeen me a while to get used to living in . this world, but I'm
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Spyfall - Thors' TbundersiackAte* Drvri - 2DB tk>rukirwtersfcocicom,thorsthundershack,spy,pun,mastermind
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INDIEHouy to no* music:Throiu three or four marbles at your keyboard.DEATH METALS<*y terrible, things until your parents Start crying.IX A/MJHouy To N/ame. Your Band - Tters T,thorsthundershack,music,title,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons
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