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I wanna post something funny!

gif puddle trolling 

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trolling work gif 

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chat texting trolling 

MessagesDwarfEditHi, who is this?Aaron changed all of my contacts to mythical creaturesWhat's mine?DwarTHE'S SO MEAN IM NOT THAT SHORT!_____________________^Oh hi dan'"fuck,chat,texting,trolling
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parents phone trolling photo 

this girl got her phone taken away by her parents and her dad slid this under her door,parents,phone,trolling,photo
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supermarket trolling prank gif 

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trolling expert 

 - Optus 3G 5:37 pmC -f 24% iH>< Messages HarrisContactToday 1:12 pmhello! my name is Harris and I represent a Fortune 500 company. I would like to interest you in a chance to earn US$5000 a month in the comfort of your own home! if you're interested, give this number a call and we can discuss

o Optus 3G5:38 pm-r 24% < Messages HarrisContactHere is your daily fun fact! A human's cells replace themselves over a span of 7 years, so every 7 years you're essentially a clone of yourself!^--------------------------To unsubscribe from Interesting Facts of the Day, please send UNSUB IFOTDUNSUB

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o Optus 3G 5:38 pm*>- -f 24% 13< Messages HarrisContactYou have successfully suscribed to Ways of Twerking with keywords WOT. Our current database only has Miley on it. Would you like a tutorial on the Miley way of Twerking? Reply YES or NONOYou have successfully suscribed to Naughty Otters!Here is

< Messages HarrisContadto unsubscribe from this service, reply NO OTTERSNO OTTERSYou have successfully in suscribed from naughty otters! Would you like to suscribe to Naughty Dogs?ISfr Text MessageSene,trolling,expert

oo Optus 3G 5:38 pm-i 24% _< Messages HarrisContactYou have selected NO PROBLEM!dude you got to stop this, I've got a business to run. I can't be checking my phone for shit like thisThank you! You have keyed in the daily secret word SHIT! As a reward weText MessageSend,trolling,expert

co Optus 3G 5:38 pm-f 24% tID< Messages HarrisContactThank you! You have keyed in the daily secret word SHIT! As a reward we will be providing you with 80 free Naughty Dog pictures for the next 24 hours!if I ever fucking find you I will rip out your throat and go ham on your assCongratulations! You

CO Optus 3G 5:38 pm-i 24% *Z)< Messages HarrisContact80 free Naughty Dog pictures for the next 24 hours!if I ever fucking find you I will rip out your throat and go ham on your assCongratulations! You have keyed the keyword ham. Here is a picture of sexy ham!,trolling,expert

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zero fucks trolling 

i just bought a new phone but i have no idea how to use it ImaoLike Comment 1 hour agob 32 people like thisrr:Doa number.1 hour ago LikeByundHWHHBummmm okay 4Ihour ago * Like"1 Do^H^^^P Now square it.II LikeByunMfep 16. what do i win1 hour igo LikeDo^m^^Now divide that number by eight and
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gif turkey birds dad daughter trolling 

Dad said that the turkey was pregnant

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girl Tease trolling gif 

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police trolling wanted 

GMP Wigan East7 December at 13:35 ^WANTED PERSONCaylan Clossick, 18yrs, is wanted by the police.If you have any information as to his whereabouts please contact 101.ifr Like P Comment ^ Share16,543 people like this.Top Comments 25,234 shares,police,trolling,wanted

Brad Smith Found him down the nuts n bolts Isle in BnQLike Reply b 53,836 Yesterday at 09:39H 878 Replies 2 minsIan Christopher He was looking through the plane window on my flight to Spain last week...Like Reply b 55,548 Yesterday at 02:43 H 1350 Replies 2 minsTez Taylor They can't get near him.

Jack Straughan He has left traces of his whereabouts in the metro centreLike Reply \b 31,004 Yesterday at 13:15 H 194 Replies 8 minsMM Reece Emanuel Its okay, hes not on the run. Master gave him a sockI Like Reply (^16,321 Yesterday at 13:46 Editedh 400 Replies 4 minsTJ Barry Lomax I'm just ear

Nathan Edwards His parents were unavailable for comment...Like Reply 7,211 17 hrs Edited ^ 62 Replies 41 minsQ Andy Mann How many pencils could you fit behind one of them iyr Like Reply b 8,863 7 December at 23:22^ 73 Replies 6 minsBrent Kilner Last knows whereabouts: orbiting the earths

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