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[it:lib,'.J., - V. 'I i V>v |Vt - ( ..',;' * IReopen/ Black Vacciwa't'ion: If works evj" I don'f e venfeel antj vam. Wh u are Aie-tUiS ^aiw7 Jas+pvA clown +Ue s+upicfovi\>re\las - +hevjv-e bad for ljoi/v- avuAs an^waU-,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,vaccination,umbrella
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PEANUTS.PLA\H NUTS.\>\I DON'T CARE IF MV 6ETS YOOR RIO SlCR.]AIN'T NOBODY VACCINATING W CVUU>.I-----------r rMY sou IS DEATHLY ALLERGIC. CAUT WAVE SOME WER CUllD BRVN61IN6 THESE TO SCHOOL AND R\SR<*MY SON'S UEAITW. V jmig&/,vaccination,parents,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons
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