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Dad using a gtip to clean his earsMe being worriedDad, you do know qtips arent supposed to be used for your ears Thats bad for you.So you're telling me not to use things in ways they aren't meant for?...yeahhWell, in that case, I'm confiscating the Vaseline from your room.Remember to thumb
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NNIfj/1fKkft !iCU^y>rr04I MW, 1t. tin I JlMiley Cyrus DVD: 12.99Tub of Vaseline 2.99The Look Of Disgust On The Cashier's Face As You Pay....PRICELESS:uu* :vDf3TOH oqik. c-.-.pv.XL Box of Tissues 2.50,funny pictures,auto,miley cyrus,tissue,vaseline,cashier,trolling
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Hey man, whatcha doing?*me*VASELINOh, that' just my..All credit goes to the original poster of the series and my MS paint hero - ARNOLDBUSK.,funny pictures,auto,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,butter,4chan,vaseline
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