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sandbox rage comics comics wat face poker face lol guy pfftch forever alone 

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Critical Errori Windows has detected that your monitor is not plugged in.OK,windows,wat face,rage comics,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons
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games then and now xbox 360 rage face angry red eye you fucking kidding me face retarded face dude come on wat face ...comics rage comics shakin xbox one 

Playing your new video game In the 1980s - 1990s:Put game in console...Play game!Playing your new video game On the Xbox One:Put game in console...Wait for console to connect to Internet... feehV ^v IWait for latest console update to download...Wait for latest console update to install...Wait for
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RRY ,my little pony,wat face,rage comics,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,glasses
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*1X16 listening to Death Angle's new-ish album on youtube*when i see somthing awfuly fimiliar*Why does that look so fimiliar?&7m 4 -? _ * vv"PrltlplrM* r>,funny pictures,auto.rage comics,oh crap,wat face,Insanity Wolf,retarded face,soon computer,music,album,cover
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funny pictures,auto,rage comics,true story,rage face,wat face,angry,red eye,me gusta,fcuk yea,canadian face,happy,milk rage face,daughter,mom,lesbian,cereal dad,poker face
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* got le message from Derpina that she needs to meet me right now.omg, omg, omg!!!! FINALLY91*le chating with crush Derpinaso, what's new?today was the worst day of ray life'II I just found out that a guy I like has a girlfriend!!!!!!!,american psycho,rage comics,wat face,poker face,better than
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funny pictures trollface fuck yea wat face better than expected gay religion dude come on thoughtful face angry ...rage comics autom shakin red eye 

Being gay is gross!!! What about lesbians? rn feek religious homophobe guyhmm grrr v/ (^)Gays are sinners!! Devil-worshipping freaks of nature! Blah, blah...Will I ever have to see this guy again? y)NO!Pleasant Mode Smalltalk Mode Politically correct Mode Chatting up women Mode Making excuses Mode
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funny pictures auto.rage comics ture story rage face troll dad Halloween egg big grin challenge accepted face wat face 

On halloween*My dad**me*CHALLENGE ACCEPTEDHey son, I dare you to throw an egg to that house over there*Crazy old lady comes out**Dad is already half way down the street*Help me DadFFFFFFF FFFFFFF FFFFFF FFFUU UUUU UUUU UUUU UUUU UUUU-,funny pictures,auto.rage comics,ture story,rage face,troll
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