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photo panoramic view camera trollface fail 

'> * &,photo,panoramic view,camera,trollface,fail
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This gif is an answer to this one:
link to the gif
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comics forlackofabettercomic trollface rage comics tomahawk 

RAL ROOfWTf CONVERSATIONSIaIHRI the HEltf DIO youLEAVE THE OOPR UNLOCKED ALL ?WrtftT IFTEO Coding im?1 DARETo ie^E IN HERE.I'll FIGHT THENBUT J,rWHftT IF THEY[ ATOMAHAWKjM]jWould(VA***,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,forlackofabettercomic,trollface,rage comics,tomahawk
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comics gafcomics daughter mom trolling trollface rage comics 

Horn, do you ffiink i'm ugly?yes, I mean, you have facial hairirm,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,gafcomics,daughter,mom,trolling,trollface,rage comics
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funny pictures auto compilation poker face oh crap straight face smile concentrated face trollface yao ming face ...rage comics wiat a minute numb face oh god why i am dissapoint conflicting emotions canadian face What's All This Racket big grin red eye fap fap fap grandma milk rage face why face true story pfftch horror happy rage face 

*staying with my grandmother**le me 6-8 years old*I*she sleeps in the bed with me sometimes and she wears this nightie thing** in the night I pull it up and try to spoon with her.**try to get penis against naked skin**My face when I was essentially trying to fuck my grandma MY FUCKING GRANDMA WHO
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rage comics american psycho nerd trollface why face troll dad hehehe test 

On sir? I chink we should have it on Monday, that way we have nore tire to studyYoure right. The test is or. scnday so Mice sure to study this weekend!melvin raises hand*MELVIN!!,rage comics,american psycho,nerd,trollface,why face,troll dad,hehehe,test
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comics relationship gift trollface honesty 

comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,relationship,gift,trollface,honesty
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funny pictures me gusta princess poker face fuck yea shakin challenge accepted face trollface retarded face heels rage comics 

funny pictures,auto rage comics,me gusta,princess,poker face,fuck yea,shakin,challenge accepted face,trollface,retarded face,heels
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funny pictures trollface fuck yea wat face better than expected gay religion dude come on thoughtful face angry ...rage comics autom shakin red eye 

Being gay is gross!!! What about lesbians? rn feek religious homophobe guyhmm grrr v/ (^)Gays are sinners!! Devil-worshipping freaks of nature! Blah, blah...Will I ever have to see this guy again? y)NO!Pleasant Mode Smalltalk Mode Politically correct Mode Chatting up women Mode Making excuses Mode
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funny pictures autorage comics trollface okay guy rage face car birthday weighing-machine trolling 

You said you wanted something that goes from 0 to 200 in 6 seconds!YOU'RE FATDon't try and sugar coat it because you'll eat that too,funny pictures,autorage comics,trollface,okay guy,rage face,car,birthday,weighing-machine,trolling
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