yao ming face

yao ming face

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rage comics,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,yao ming face,police,driving,twitter
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funny pictures auto monkey awww yeah are you serious me gusta pfftch yao ming face dude come on thoughtful face ...rage comics evolve conflicting emotions 

We couldn't have evolved from monkeys because evolution isn't real. God created me in his image and he doesn't look like a monkeyMONKEYSPFFFTTTCHH CHHCHHH rry CHHPFFF \\ PFFFFTO /J prrFrm \ ' nil-I PFFCHH)chhhh/ CHHCHAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW,funny pictures,auto,rage comics,monkey,evolve,awww yeah,are you
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*staying with my grandmother**le me 6-8 years old*I*she sleeps in the bed with me sometimes and she wears this nightie thing** in the night I pull it up and try to spoon with her.**try to get penis against naked skin**My face when I was essentially trying to fuck my grandma MY FUCKING GRANDMA WHO
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funny pictures autoxena warrior princess chuck norris yao ming face sandwich 

Which one of you just asked me to make him a sandwich?!Mustard or no mustard?,funny pictures,autoxena warrior princess,chuck norris,yao ming face,sandwich
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rage comics universe god astronaut cosmos yao ming face cereal guy oh crap rage face 

I'm telling you that the universe is endless! Why don't you stop arguing with me already!?What the...??!!(Q X?FFUUUU,rage comics,universe,god,astronaut,cosmos,yao ming face,cereal guy,oh crap,rage face
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me...sad, lonely, and depressed on the couchrealise I still have her number....maybe I'll give her a call, see what she is up to... ask her out to dinner.all of a sudden... my* fsP.% r' *p W M f Pr f"P ~" w w5fap vp *"P *"P ^ wf * **p w fp *p fpI fuckin hate that worthless bitchwe we're so cute
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WOMEN JUST CALL ME UGLY UNTILL THEY KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY I MAKEWHEN THEY FIND IT OUT, THEY CALL ME UGLY AND POOR,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,rage comics,yao ming face
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comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,nokia 3310,yao ming face
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INSTEAD OFf)ecausc | dont want to listen to shitty music in heaven!,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,god,music,Y U NO,yao ming face
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