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I wanna post something funny!

funny picture lesbians lesbian pussy twitter 

I thought everyone eats pussy

<Threadtl Austo Retweeted- flozmin -@hedaspatroclusVguess which one doesn't eat pussy,funny picture,lesbians,lesbian,pussy,twitter
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funny pictures weapon twitter sandbox 

Bad Weapon Takes@BadWeaponTakesWhen babushka buys a suppressed AR, it's a "hunting rifle" but when I buy one it's a slaught-o-matic child obliterator assault terror-15New York Post 6@nypostUkrainian mom buys powerful hunting rifle, vows to 'fight for Kiev' JMobyYtNEWYORKPOST,funny
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funny picture funny pictures twitter zoo animals work 

OMG my dad is an electrician at the zoo and look how he spent his morning I'm cryingYour dad small as hell,funny picture,funny pictures,twitter,zoo,animals,work
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geek twitter god wings 

I like BBQ wings

LordoharcGZfA@lordofscrcGSM69*Me in heaven*God: You're about to get ur wings. Me: LcMon pepper or bbq?God: Get out.,geek,twitter,god,wings
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geek twitter meme color colors paint cook funny 

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geek meme twitter grandma sex Thanos wtf 

Chi SosaMarch 31 0O*OMost Embarrassing Sex Moment G0&our grandma walked in ^21w Like Reply 01K, --,geek,meme,twitter,grandma,sex,fucking,Thanos,wtf
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geek twitter gravy food southerner blood informative 

Now if we could get them vaccinated

Sarah Candler@sarahgcandlerHow did it take me this long to find the perfect analogy to explain the need for anticoagulation in Afib to my fellow Southerners?!Me: "Blood is the consistency of gravy. If you stop stirring your roux evenly" Pt: "It clumps!"Me: "Here's your gravy
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geek twitter meme jesus judas straw dinner 


dan mentos@ Dan Mentos[last supper]Jesus: raising chalice* let us sup Judas: what's sup?Jesus: Not much what's up with you Imao Judas: this is the last straw,geek,twitter,meme,jesus,judas,straw,dinner
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geek meme twitter dick nuts german candy 

p connyhascontrolIm kinkshaming all of GermanyUdiscoursestormIs it better or worse if I tell y'all that "Nusse" means "nuts"humming-bird-mothDicke means Fat or ThickQanafenzathis post only gets worsejQinoxperidotsuper dickmans thick nuts,geek,meme,twitter,dick,nuts,german,candy
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geek funny funny picture Star Wars order fuck Jedi Star Wars money twitter ...fandoms 

geek,funny,funny picture,Star Wars,order,fuck,Jedi,Star Wars,fandoms,money,twitter
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