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If They Had The Internet In Pokemon...
WOW.' ALL 649 5PECIE5 OF POKEMON ARE IN yOUR POKEDEX'THI5 MU5T WAVE TAKEN yOU AGE5 TO ACC0MPLI5U/Vftnewhip1 CoolTrainrDialga got no chill smh 1,334 872 ShareWOW, A5W WA6 50 GOOGLE RE5ULT5. WE MU5T BE DOING REAU- WELL.'WONDER WWAT C0ME5 UP WUEN I 5EARCW NAME....,Dorkly,comics,funny comics &
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Actually, I think that's one guy using two separate accounts.^--------------------------------Yeah, one account makes a point or sets up a joke, and the other one supports it or delivers the punchline. I think it's colled puppeteering.,internet,trolling

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