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I think I feel a Christmas picture coming on

How to Take a Family Photo Without Involving the Family----Adrienne Hedger www.HedgerHumor.comPrint out a good picture of each person.Cut the heads out and tape them onto toy figurines. Picture time!The family gathers for a holiday photo. Or do they?Have some cool LEGO figures? Get them
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Garsh, Max. What the hell even is she? She doesn't look like a dog.She looks like some unholy combination of k man and beast.Heyt Dad! Id like you to meet my girlfriend, Roxanne. >This is why I wanted to wait until after the curse was broken.surely theworst,comics,funny comics & strips,
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krupolmuaythaiDONT BREAK ANYBODYS HEART, THEY HAVE ONLY ONEBREAKgTHEIR BONES, THEY HAVE 206mihe4)mbs,geek,meme,muay thai,martial Arts,girl,Kick-ass,movies,kickboxing,bones,heart
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Fight the stripper win a prize

THEN YOU HAVE TO FIGHT THE BOUNCERS AND THE REST OF THE STRIPPERS TOO,geek,meme,charlie sheen,celebrities,destiny,stripper,fight
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AfAAziUe. ybu CAN Hit The WiMPSWeLD oF A BincK From. A Quarter mile u?/ but We get home anp You Misy'FRoAA ONL'I 2 INCHES AWAY. /-----^,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,birds,shit,toilet,car
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Sun, 6 May. 2:49 AMI've got a dick and a knife and one of thems going inside youToday 9:59 PMI'd prefer the knife coz that way I'd actually feel itSent,geek,meme,Star Wars,Star Wars,fandoms,burn,dick,knife,funny
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That cat is on steriods

"Dude my sister's cat scares me." "Aww.. you afraid of getting scratched?" "I'm afraid of getting punched.",geek,funny picture,funny,animal,cat,muscles,sterriods,roids
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when you want to loin around

pleasehatethesethingsC> Q VpqLiked by kellydotylovessoup and thousands of others pleasehatethesethings Live look at me in quarantine, t"2 1># Y IView all 803 commentstsangalis For when you're loin around.0?November 19, 2020,geek,funny,funny picture,furniture,pig,meme
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